Welcome to my blog!  My name is Shadia, aka Sho. Let’s Go, Sho is my outlet to share some of the things I enjoy most -cooking and exploring new places in search of great food. I look forward to connecting with other food lovers and travelers, like you!

Why Let’s Go, Sho

The name is a reminder for me to keep pursuing my God-given passions and sharing them with the world. Starting this blog has surprisingly been one of the more challenging things I’ve done. While anyone who knows me well would say “it’s about time”, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to put work that comes from my heart out on the “internets” let alone talk about my dreams with other people. Hey, I’m an engineer! As a perfectionist (in recovery), I’m learning that it’s most important to just start. I’m excited to learn and grow and hope you’ll join me on this the journey.

My Background..or loosely connected facts

My love for food has been a common through line in my life. For example, as a tween, I’d read restaurant reviews in the local newspaper every week and once convinced my parents to take me to the new hot spot in our town. It was our first taco shop and my first real encounter with cilantro. I was sadly disappointed by soapy tacos!?! But Praise the Lord, I was healed and now love cilantro.

Pizza, nachos and tuna tartare are three foods I love that immediate came to mind, not my last supper run down. I have a personal shellfish hierarchy (oysters and crab are tied for top slot right now). I decided I didn’t like mayo, american cheese or eggs in an eggy form (ex. not in a baked good, custard or as a binder) when I was three and haven’t really looked back. I’m really excited about cooking fermented chili paste after discovering it this summer.

I studied biomedical engineering and spent over a decade developing new technologies to produce new biological drug therapies. I completed my MBA while working and then moved to product development and commercialization of biotech based products. At one job I started a baking club, and a pizza adventures club at the next. I also design and create jewelry that I hope to add to the blog soon.

I learned to cook primarily from watching the Food Network in the late 90’s. Crazy, I know! I have started and stopped Duolingo in French once and Spanish twice so far. I recently started collecting vintage mid-century modern dishware which I find exciting but a bit unnerving as this seems like a solidly middle-aged+ hobby. Perhaps need a countering young person hobby, like… Tik Tok!?! Nah… C’est la vie.