Welcome To Let’s Go, Sho!

Hi, I’m Sho! Here’s what I’ll be sharing with you on my blog

On a road trip to Milford Sound in New Zealand

Weeknight recipes for those who love..food!

After starting my food Instagram account, I learned something very interesting. Many of my friends were surprised that I made most of the meals on a weeknight…for gasp, myself! As someone who has never been OK with a bowl of cereal or hummus for dinner and disdains spending $25 for a delivery meal served in cardboard, I often didn’t see another choice but to cook something quick at home. And I figure if I’m going to make the effort to cook, I might as well make it tasty even if it is just for me

My chicken sausage patties remixed int this quick lunchtime salad.

One of my goals is to coax those who love food but are less than thrilled with cooking to give it a try again. There are many easy preparations, flavor bomb ingredients and exciting combinations I will be sharing that I hope will grow your confidence and enjoyment in cooking for yourself and others. 

If you already enjoy cooking and/or baking, that’s great! My other goal is to continue growing my culinary skills through experimenting with new techniques, ingredients and recipes. Hopefully we can learn together and share tips and tricks. Also, who doesn’t love a quick meal sometimes?

Food travel from behind the scenes

If you’re like me, there are some restaurants and food experiences from your travels that just stay with you. Maybe it was the vibe of the space, the warm hospitality or the amazing food, but something about it left a lasting impression. One of the things I’m excited about is highlighting owner-run restaurants & food businesses from my travels that create inviting, inspiring and ultimately, memorable experiences. One common thread I’ve seen in the places that achieve this is a palpable passion from the creator(s). I’ll be showcasing the stories of the owners along with their establishments, as I believe this will be inspiring for all of us.

Amazing Skate on a Maine Food for Thought Tour in Portland

Friend-sourced travel recommendations

For someone who didn’t leave the US until a Carnival cruise to the Bahamas senior year of college, I’ve done a fair amount of travel. One thing that’s helped is having friends with diverse hometowns. Over the past decade, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to many international weddings. Think 27 Dresses of destination weddings.  I’ve had the opportunity to explore places like Accra, Tokyo and New Delhi with locals and get a much richer sense of a town than if I were visiting on my own for a few days.  These experiences have influenced how I approach traveling to new places “unchaperoned” where I have no local contacts. When I’m headed on a trip, I often swap recreational spreadsheets and lists with friends and friends of friends and might even make a google map of all my “hits”before I go to get a lay of the land. Anyone else?! 

Mountain biking near Mount Kenya

Well, at Let’s Go, Sho, I’ll try a less Type-A low key approach to “friend sourcing” places to explore around the US and internationally. I want to share my favorite spots and recommendations from friends who also love food and are OK with sometimes missing the main attractions in lieu of the more “off the circuit” experiences. That said, I don’t eat at C-rated restaurants in NYC and consider car camping legit camping, so that should temper your expectations on the adventure front.

OK that’s it for now. Let’s go!

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